Submission guidelines

We publish articles that are

  • practice-oriented
  • focused, with a clearly defined key idea
  • concise: 500-1,200 words
  • accessible and easy to understand
  • relevant and timely

Interested in submitting an article? We welcome contributions on the following topics and more:

  • ENRIO congress series presentations and workshops
  • handling misconduct cases
  • whistleblowing
  • mental health and wellbeing of participants in misconduct cases
  • conflict resolution in research
  • intersections of research integrity and research ethics
  • overviews of EU-funded projects
  • interviews of RI experts or policymakers
  • reports on national RI surveys
  • summaries of important research studies relevant for RI
  • introductions of new policy pieces, guidelines and similar documents
  • other practical information that can assist research integrity practitioners in their work 

We do not publish original research or other work that requires peer review. If the topic is relevant for our readers, we publish summaries and overviews of published research articles.

We do not publish subjective commentaries, think pieces or openings for discussion. The articles are published in full open access, without publishing charges. We do not pay authors for published pieces.

New articles are published continuously (not as issues or volumes). The articles do not include a commenting option.

Authors can include their articles in a list of publication as Publications intended for professional communities.

How to submit a proposal

If you would like to contribute to RIPE, please send a summary of your proposed article to Lead Editor (anni.sairio at In the summary, describe briefly (in about 100 words) the key information which the article is intended to convey, and include your name and the proposed title. The editorial board reviews the proposals.

If your topic requires broader reflection, consider dividing it into two articles. We are happy to receive several article proposals.

Further instructions

The articles are lightly edited for clarity, linguistic consistency and syntactic correctness. The authors’ choice of the English language variant is respected.

References should not be included in the body of the text. You can list a couple of key sources or suggest further reading at the end of the article.

The published articles include a lead paragraph and subheadings, and specific sections of the text may be highlighted to bring out key points. You can suggest these sections in your manuscript, but they can also be suggested for you in the editorial process.

If your publication is a video, it must be accompanied with a title, suggested lead paragraph and a summary of the key contents.

The articles are published with images. We have an image bank, but we also welcome suggestions from the authors. The images must be either free to share, or copyright permission must be included with the submitted image.


The corresponding author is responsible for ensuring that those who have made a substantial contribution to the manuscript are included in the list of authors and that all authors agree to the submission and publication of the article in RIPE. The contributors should discuss what counts as a substantial contribution and decide who are named as authors before submitting the manuscript for the publisher. If a contribution is not substantial enough to merit the inclusion of a name in the list of authors, it can be described in the acknowledgements. Please note that all those listed as authors are responsible for the contents of the publication.

The authors retain copyright to their articles. The articles on the website are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. They can be shared and copied freely, as long as the author and the source are mentioned. Authors can therefore republish their own work, as long as appropriate credit is provided.